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Just some of the documentarys and series diliverd by Mosaic North Ltd  (Mark Wilkinson)

To Courtney With Love


Beckie Williamson is 15 and lives in Leeds with her parents and older sister. She became pregnant at 13 and had a daughter, Courtney. At 14, Beckie was diagnosed with cancer. Treatment was ineffective and the cancer spread to her vital organs. Now Beckie has just weeks to live. She and her sister Vicky set out to make a film for her daughter, Courtney, so that she will know her mother in years to come. ONE Life follows them on their emotional journey. This is Beckie’s film… for Courtney, with love.

Producer: Peter Firstbrook
Director: Mark Wilkinson


Winner, RTS Education Documentary Award 2005
Nomination, RTS Editing Factual Award 2005

BBC One, 2005

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Wicked Weekend

Spend a fast and furious weekend with teenagers around Britain.

Channel 4,1999

Executive Producer: Colin Luke and Adam Alexander
Producer: Emma Read
Director: Emma Read

Adult Lives

A major factual series for BBC2 that takes the temperature of contemporary adult relationships with 10 films giving an insightful slice of today’s Adult Lives.

Adult Lives explores the subject of sex through a series of personal narratives in which real people talk about the role that sex plays in their lives. Each contributor adds their own different perspective, drawing out the theme that sex has different meanings for everyone – and how it’s much more about what’s in the mind than what’s happening to the body. The programmes aim to provoke debate and enlightenment rather than sensation.

BBC 2, 1999

Executive Producer: Adam Alexander
Series Producer: Emma Read
Series Director: Colin Luke

Permission to Love
Two couples with one thing on their mind – to have a loving sexual relationship and live together. The only thing that stands in their way is the fact that they have learning disabilities. This is an honest portrait which shows how the differing attitudes of people around them turns behaving like ordinary couples into an uphill struggle.

“there’s a particular poignancy to the stories of two mentally handicapped couples”
- Lewis Jones, The Sunday Telegraph.

Return To Tuscany

Documentary series following London restaurateurs Giancarlo and Katie Caldesi as they strive to make a success of a cookery school business in Tuscany.

London restaurateurs Giancarlo & Katie Caldesi are about to try their hand at opening a cookery school in beautiful Tuscany. Return to Tuscany is the series which documents their pursuit of this lifelong dream as they face up to the huge competition and a host of dramatic challenges.

As a base for the school, they’ve rented a hotel they’ve only ever seen from the outside. They’ll be entirely dependent on the staff, but they’ve never even met them. To cap it all, just days before they leave England under huge financial pressure, they’re racing against the clock to build a brand new cookery school in London.

Giancarlo is a passionate, flamboyant and proud native of Tuscany, returning to discover his childhood past. Katie is his feisty English rose from Eastbourne. Together they are a refreshingly honest and talented couple who frequently complicate their lives by aiming higher than those around them. They decide to get married in Italy too, and every exciting development of the planning and magnificent ceremony is presented in dramatic detail. 

Chanel 4 ITN

Vireus news items for Channel 4 news, ITN

You, Me, and Cancer: BBC Three Cancer
A week of television programmes (Oct 24–30, 2004)
BBC Three.

Programmes to be broadcast in the BBC THREE You, Me and Cancer season:

You Me and Cancer

BBC THREE, Sunday 24 October at 10.00pm

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One hour short film which follows the progress of three young (20-30 year olds) cancer patients during a four month period.

Breast Cancer - The Operation

BBC THREE, Wednesday 27 October at 9.00pm

Programme which shows a woman undergoing a full mastectomy and reconstruction over several hours with inserts of case studies of women who have had breast cancer.

Body Hits - Tumour Trouble

BBC THREE, Thursday 28 October at 8.00pm

Presenter Dr John Marsden looks at how lifestyles people lead when they are younger can lead to developing cancer later in life.

My Brother's Cancer

BBC THREE, Thursday 28 October at 9.30pm

A personal film documenting the last year of Dan Baldwin's brother as he died of cancer aged 25.

Hurrah for Cancer

BBC THREE, Thursday 28 at 10.30pm

The story of comic Andre Vincent who was diagnosed with kidney cancer.

The Big C

BBC THREE, Saturday 30 October at 7.30pm

If you're aged between 19 and 24 and have been diagnosed with cancer, you may have a choice about where to receive your care. This website aims to guide you through some of the decisions you’re able to make.

Filmed and directed by Mark Wilkinson

We’re experts in fetal, child, teen and adult treatment supporting over 13,000 people with congenital heart problems.
Serving Yorkshire, Humberside and North Trent regions.
Through fetal, child, teenage and adulthood.





Around seven young people aged between 13 and 24 are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK. They need expert treatment and support from the moment they hear the word ‘cancer.’ We’re the only charity dedicated to making this happen.

We bring young people together so they can be treated together, by teenage cancer experts, in the best place for them.We educate young people about cancer and work with health professionals to develop their knowledge so we can improve the speed and quality of diagnosis.And by funding research and working with our partners in the NHS, government and organisations both nationally and internationally, we strive to improve survival rates.

We lead the world in the care of young people with cancer. Together with these young people, their families and the passion of our supporters, we’re challenging the NHS and transforming lives.

2014 sees the 10th anniversary of the foundation of TYAC. This is a time to celebrate what has been achieved not only by TYAC as an organisation, but within the field of TYA cancer care over this time. We continue to be an integral part of an advancing field where the UK remains the world leader. This would not be possible without the continued support of our funders. TYAC continues to benefit from very generous support and funding from CLIC Sargent and Teenage Cancer Trust.

TYAC aims to be recognised as the unified voice of all multi-disciplinary professionals working with teenagers and young adults with cancer in the UK. We support our diverse professional membership by providing information, learning and networking opportunities.

Our vision is a future where all professionals working with teenagers and young adults with cancer are united as members of TYAC. Together, through peer support, networking, learning opportunities and the sharing of information and best practice, we can improve the quality of life and chances of survival for young people with cancer.

CCLG members represent all disciplines involved in the care of children with cancer and are based in, or linked to, a network of principal treatment centres across the UK and Ireland. It is in these centres that the majority of children with cancer are treated.

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust is a national organisation that gives young people between the ages of 8-24 who are in recovery from cancer the opportunity to take part in the new and fantastic experience of sailing.  The majority of our young people who sail for the first time have finished treatment and are in the very difficult process of trying to put their lives back together.  These young people are recruited by our contact (usually a nurse or Clic Sargent social worker) at the hospital or group we work with, as they are more involved with the young people and are more aware of who would benefit the most from the trip.  Those aged 8-17 can continue to sail with the Trust every year up until their 18th birthday, and we try and invite those aged 18-24 to return to sail at least once.  After this, many will continue sailing with the Trust as Volunteers by going through our Graduate Volunteer programme.

Here at Redkite, we understand that every cancer journey is different, and so is every family.We're the cancer charity here to provide essential support from hospital to home, with financial assistance, information and counselling, and education support for children and young people (0–24 years) with cancer, and the families and friends who support them. 

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